12 pictures of Steve Mnuchin looking like he’s holding on to the best secret ever

The very first time I can recall having seen a picture of Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin, it was immediately obvious to me that it looked like he was holding on to a great secret that he wanted to share with people but just couldn’t. Every time I saw a picture of him after that, I couldn’t help but see it through that lens. This, folks, is the secret I’ve been holding on to for months that was too good not to share. Thus I offer up this gallery in hopes of convincing you that Steve Mnuchin is holding on to an amazing secret that he just can’t share with us, yet.

Perfectly normal human here, holding on to a perfectly irresistible secret.
Should I tell Donald? Nahhhh, this secret is all Stevie.
I’m the only one here who knows it!
MY leaps are sealed!
You can ask me twenty questions, and you’ll still never figure it out!
It doesn’t matter how much you tickle me, I’ll never tell!
Ah-ah-ahhhh, you’re gonna have to do better than that if you wanna beat The Mnooch!
You thought your question was a gotcha, but it was a gimmie! Still not telling.
Nope! Not even close, but keep guessing. This is fun!
Your feminine wiles won’t work on me! I’ll never tell!
Must. Not. Tell. Secret.
What do you mean, “You look like you’re hiding a secret?” I’m just sitting here looking completely normal!
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