Greetings from South Korea

I got to South Korea at some point a few days ago. The truth is after crossing the date line, I no longer know how time works and have found great freedom in floating through space unmoored by pedestrian concepts like time. I AM WHENEVER I AM!

My first night in town, I wandered out into the Times Square area and was immediately overwhelmed by the foreignness of everything… Or more appropriately the foreignness of me. Even 7-11, which I thought would be a familiar anchor proved to be utterly baffling.

I had gone out in search of dinner but retreated to the hotel, where I ordered the second most American item on the menu, a club sandwich.

Day 2, though, I went to dinner with friends in Hongdae and went all-in… or mostly in. I’m not sure that braised chicken is the most adventurous of meals, but it was definitely the most delicious of meals.

I woke up at a ridiculous hour on day 2, which gave me time to make a quick video for my YouTube channel (embedded below). I edited it on my phone, which was a completely new experience. I’m also writing this blog post on my phone as we drive to a studio.

Although I’ve been waking up to Seoul’s Times Square shopping center…

… I’ve spent my days working in Korea’s natural splendor.

I feel pretty fortunate to have gotten to experience these different facets of Seoul in my short time here.

I do feel, though, that the media has lied to me. I have yet to see a heavily made-up group of guys who look like genteel-but-evil eligible bachelor butlers, anywhere. What is this myth the KPop industry is peddling?

I’m here for a couple more days. Today, we’ve gone to a studio just east of Seoul. Tomorrow, I’ll check out the Google office in the Gangnam district, and then it’s back to America!

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  1. Lora Aricco
    November 13, 2018

    I love your adventurous palate. Great article.

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