Here’s what I find most frustrating about the Trump administration

When Donald Trump campaigned on being unpredictable, the first thing that came to mind was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump was asking us to vote for a wild card. Why would you vote for a wild card? Well, it turns out that more states in the union wanted a wild card, and now we have one. We have a President who is entirely unpredictable, but his unpredictability comes not from an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Instead, it comes from his having created an environment where you can never know what to believe.

President Trump has attempted to deliver on everything he said he would during the campaign. Because of that, you would be unwise not to take┬áPresident Trump at face value when he says things. President Trump and his administration have also been inveterate liars about the most embarrassingly obvious things. Because of that, you would be unwise to take anything President Trump says at face value. This is a conundrum the likes of which I can’t recall ever having had to deal with in a President. I would call this the Trump Paradox, but I’ve already used that to describe that way in which the more real the Trump administration becomes, the more surreal it seems.

The worst part is that while the administration is causing a crisis of confidence in our ability to understand the truth regarding anything they say, they have been on a campaign to undermine the press, to whom we generally look to be our sources of truth. Half the country doesn’t believe the administration, even when they should, and the other half of the country doesn’t believe the press, even when they should. That makes it impossible for the two halves of this country to have any kind of substantive discussion about the governance of the country, and that’s regrettable.

The most frustrating part is that Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s exploited the divisions in the country better than anyone else and revolutionized Presidential communication in the process. He knows the power of what he says and how he says it, which is why it’s so maddening that he’s sowing confusion and mistrust┬áthe way he is.








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