I feel like this is the creepiest kid in the candy biz

I don’t know why, but this kid looks like “two for flinching” personified. He looks like there’s no way he’d ever give you a candy bar without taking a bite out of it first, hence the unwrapped, bitten candy bar on the label. Speaking of the label, what’s up with that flower in front of the glass of milk? I assume that’s some European custom I’m unfamiliar with but would thoroughly enjoy. At least until the kid from the candy bar label came up and slapped the candy bar out of my hand to the ground. “YOU’VE RUINED MY RELAXING CANDY BAR MOMENT, KINDER KID! ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS RELAX WITH A KINDER AND A GLASS OF MILK WHILE INHALING THE AROMA OF THIS LIGHTLY FRAGRANT FLOWER!”

I’m actually learning a lot about Kinder Chocolate kids. Apparently, there was one German dude who had been on the label for decades. The article refers to his smile as angelic, and yet, to me, it looks the exact opposite.

Guenter Euringer - the book coverThe current Kinder kid was spotted on Tinder, and a few years ago, 4Chan attempted to get an awkward-looking meme kid on the label.


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