I got back in front of the camera, today.

One thing I could not have foreseen myself doing is making another video for YouTube, and, yet, there I stood, today, delivering advice on using YouTube Analytics.

Yesterday, as the reality that I’d be getting back in front of a camera other than my own began to sink in, I reached out to Lindsay C., who directed most of the segments I was in at YouTube Nation, for advice on my on-camera performance. She reminded me to breathe and to take my time, and I was thankful for that. While the advice itself was useful, I think the mere act of receiving the advice from her was, itself, calming. It was just a reminder of what a great experience YouTube Nation had been.

The shoot went pretty smoothly. The script was easy to handle because Alex S. and I wrote it for me. That, coupled with Lindsay’s advice, allowed me to feel very confident once the camera started rolling, so we were able to get through five complete takes pretty quickly. Now, let’s just hope you never see the video, because if you see the video, that means something bad has happened, and it’s gone viral. Videos like this only go viral because of bad performances, bad graphics, and/or irrational exuberance.



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