Shot some videos for work, today!

I shot a couple videos for YouTube today. I don’t know when they’ll be out, but I got to talk about a couple cool trends in these videos. Although I was nervous to get back in front of the camera, the nerves wore off pretty quickly. One of the things that made it easier was hearing our YouTube Nation producer, Lindsay’s, voice in my head giving me advice: Slow down, breathe. While I do miss getting to work with Lindsay (and the rest of the YouTube Nation crew). The team that produced these videos was good, though. They are great at making people feel comfortable.

Kevin also was there. I enjoyed seeing him tape his episodes for the series. In all the years we’ve worked together, I’ve never seen him do his TV thing or give a speech in person. It was cool to see a pro at work.

Before taping, Kevin and I had to go buy makeup, and, let me tell you, I now know the struggle is real when it comes to these shades. I bought the few dark shades I could find, hoping that “Cocoa” was the right color. Also, when we checked out, this was, like, ninety bucks! HOW WAS THIS NINETY BUCKS?

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