Some things I liked this week 9/16/2018

I missed doing this last week because I had a lot going on, but, don’t worry! I am still seeing things I like every single day and collecting them to share with you at the end of the week.

If there’s a central theme running through the things I liked this week, it’s nostalgia. Old webseries, video games, toys, and TV shows make appearances in this collection. Hey, remember when our Presidents were just members of the Illuminati who were establishing a New World Order instead of being walking subreddits? Those were the days.

These are the things I liked, but I’d love to know if there’s anything you liked. If there’s some article, or TV show, or video I need to check out, let me know in the comments below.


The Tart Adage From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

That’s right, I’m coming right off the rip with a ballet video! Bet you didn’t see that coming. The moment at :17 when the Queen of Hearts slices her finger across her throat let you know that this is going to be a clever and darkly comic piece, and it delivers. I actually found myself laughing throughout, and I hope you will too.

Aaron’s Animals – The Fake Girlfriend

Continuing with the theme of darkly comic videos, Aaron’s Animals is a channel I don’t remember actually subscribing to, but apparently I did, and I’m glad because I’m not sure I’d have seen this video of his cat making a fake girlfriend to show his friends that he, too, has a life, otherwise. There’s a text message bit in this that is just… ::chef’s kiss::

Waluigi’s Revenge

Another thematic segue appears! Continuing with theme of people feeling left out, Waluigi’s Revenge is a fun take on Waluigi being left out of the new Smash Brothers game coming to the Switch. Hmmm… Apparently, when you have a project where over a hundred personalities are included, people can feel snubbed when they aren’t invited to participate.

New Shoes

This sketch has such an old-school YouTube feel to it. It made me feel nostalgic for 2012-2013 when cameras were getting better and cheaper, and bloggers would go nuts over one clever idea executed well.

The Teasers

WHAT A WEEK FOR TEASERS. Shane Dawson dropped a teaser for his new multi-part docuseries on Jake Paul that blew everyone’s collective wigs back (if you aren’t watching Shane Dawson this year, what are you even doing?). Here for the Tea and Tea Spill followed soon after with a teaser for their multi-part series on Jaclyn Hill. Then, out of nowhere, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared announced its return. Two of these teasers shot up the Trending tab in the US. One of the things I’m most fascinated by with YouTube, this year, is its maturation, and I think the fact that trailers for videos to come could garner such attention is a reflection of that. Imagine going back ten years and telling someone that teasers for YouTube videos yet-to-come would garner millions of views. People would’ve thought you were insane. And that’s before you even mentioned that the middle of the country elected Donald Trump to follow up Barack Obama.

How I Met My Abusive (ex) Boyfriend – Illymation

Illymation is an up-and-coming animator on YouTube. We featured her as a Creator on the Rise on YouTube a month or so ago. I tuned in to her 100K subscribers celebration live stream about a month ago, and she’s already over 450K subscribers. She’s still in college, and is managing to squeeze in these videos around her studies. I highly recommend subscribing.

Honestly, I was going to skip this video because I have so many things in this blog post already. While I was working on this blog, though, the Washington Post published the name of Bret Kavanaugh’s accuser, and I was reminded again of how difficult it is for people – not just women – to come forward and talk about abuse. Thinking about how Illy had to write this script, record the narration, and then animate this story made me feel compelled to share this video.


Wynne – Buzzer

Wynne is an unsigned rapper who I’ve been following for a while (I think it’s because of a contest Hiphopdx ran a couple years ago). I think she’s talented, and every now and then she’ll post videos to Twitter where she says “let me rap for you.” This is her latest, and it’s the first one to appear on a Vevo channel, so maybe she’s making moves in the music world. I think everyone should take notice of her skills.


I was drawn in by the video for The Prawn Song, but after checking out some of their other songs, I found myself listening to Superorganism’s album, Superorganism, repeatedly this past week. It was one of two I couldn’t stop playing. There’s definitely something very alt-90’s about their sound.

The group features eight  members from England, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, and they met in internet forums, which reminds me of Brockhampton’s story. I wonder if this is going to become a common narrative for new bands.

Princess Chelsea

I mentioned I’d been listening to two albums, nonstop. Princess Chelsea’s The Loneliest Girl is the other album. I actually listened to this album several times, back-to-back. The best way I can describe Princess Chelsea’s music is that is sounds like a fairy tale with a beat.

Eminem – Killshot

Wow. Machine Gun Kelly requested the smoke, and Eminem became the smoke monster from Lost, decimating MGK while sounding better than he has in I don’t know how many years. This has done 50 million views in under 48 hours, which is probably more attention that MGK has received in one weekend than he’s had the entire time he’s been on Bad Boy.


Twitter thread: Everyone in Trump’s orbit has a Simpsons analog.

Click through for the thread – it’s worth it

I also LOVED learning that the New York Public Library now loans briefcases, ties, and other things you might need but not have for a job interview.

Madeline Buxton has an interesting article on the re-evaluation of follower counts on social media. I can’t believe it only took a spoiled Presidential election, a high-profile NYTimes article, and just slightly over a decade for people to begin to think about privileging the quality of an audience over the quantity of an audience

Sarah Weinman’s story on the failed attempt to stage a Lolita musical is required reading. Have you ever been involved in something that seemed like a very bad idea from the start but kept going because what else did you have going on anyway? Imagine that feeling, but it’s a musical about a pedophile, where the man writing the musical has never read the book. He’s only seen the movie.

Torey Van Oot’s article on why 98.5% of newscasters have the same hair was surprising. I’d read an article years earlier about why so many women on TV have the same hairdo, and I thought this would be a rehash of that, but it’s not. It’s much more sinister. I apologize on behalf of the patriarchy.

Damien McFerran’s feature on Mortal Kombat’s journey from the arcade to the home was exactly what I needed. If you’re a certain age and loved video games, then you might recall opening up gaming magazines, poring over screenshots to sniff out the slightest differences between game adaptations on different consoles. Mortal Kombat was one of those games where every difference, no matter how minute, meant the world. Reading this story of those console ports snapped me right back to high school, using the early WWW to get lists of fatalities and cheat codes. Ah, nostalgia.


He-Man was a fixture in my childhood, and this documentary, available on Netflix, does a lot to explain why. If you’ve seen The Toys That Made Us on Netflix, then a lot of the information in this documentary on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will already be familiar to you, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying this. You’ll get a better understanding of the cultural context He-Man was launched into, and there’s a significant portion devoted to the ill-fated movie that’s interesting. If, however, you’ve never held aloft a magic sword and said “I have THE POWER!” then you should pass.

Earnest’s Pick of Claire’s Picks of the Week (EPCPW)

You know I love some Jerome Robbins choreography. Eh, maybe you didn’t know that, but I do. His choreography that you’re most likely to have seen is from West Side Story, and he was the perfect choice to choreograph that because there’s something aggressively American about his work.

This week, I was excited to see a clip from Pacific Northwest Ballet that was an excerpt from their performance of his Mistake Waltz. Claire liked it, but told me that she preferred this other performance the dance because, among other things, it’s more subtle than the PNB’s performance, which goes for a couple of easy jokes.

That’s right. We ended on ballet, too!

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