Some Things I Liked This Week 9/2/18

What a weird week. I feel like I didn’t watch very much on YouTube this week due to being in the middle of kicking off a lot of bigger projects at work and coming home and falling asleep at 9 o’clock several nights.

Nonetheless there were some things that I saw this week that I’m happy to share. I hope you enjoy something here, and if there’s anything you’ve liked this week that you’d like to share, leave it in the comments below! (Thanks, Elba, for leaving me something you liked a couple weeks ago)


The Biddle – a Jesse Biddle inspired pastiche of Zedd’s The Middle.

That’s right. Pastiche.  I have no idea who Jesse Biddle is. but if this isn’t Jesse Biddle’s theme song, I can only ask “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, JESSE BIDDLE?”

Ami Yamato

Ami Yamato is one of my favorite YouTubers.  She’s been doing this mixed reality thing, blending the real world and her animated self, for years, posting her first upload in 2011. I think that this heatwave video is one of my favorites that I’ve seen from her in a while, probably because it’s tied to something happening in the real world that isn’t just a pop culture event.

I became aware of her in 2013/2014 while working at YouTube Nation, where, if I remember correctly, she did a user submission for us.

The tagline on her channel is “Videos that confuse people,” which I think is an appropriate description. Especially in the early days, I found myself confounded by how effortlessly she blended the real world and her animated self. I also definitely find myself feeling confused when I chat with her on Twitter.

This year, we’re seeing a lot of virtual YouTubers become a thing in Japan. I’m not sure whether I would include Ami within their ranks. She predates them, and doesn’t refer to herself as a virtual YouTuber, which many of the virtual YouTubers do. She’s really her own unique experience on YouTube.

The Johny Johny Videos Are Getting Too Real

I don’t want to get too much into Johny Johny Papa because the truth is I don’t really understand much about it. That said, this video making fun of content farming is so dark that I love it. (Link to original on Twitter).


I’d never heard of Superorganism before this music video, but I immediately switched gears and checked out the album.

I’m a sucker for any song featuring guys and girls singing to each other.


The Men Who Have Taken Wiffle Ball to a Crazy, Competitive Place

Last week, I shared an article about professional cornhole. This week a longread on organized Wiffle Ball. Wiffle Ball! There are local leagues, regional tournaments, and professional skills dedicated to this game designed for family fun. This piece is a profile of a man who has organized a league that has been running for over a decade in New York state.

A Twitter thread of first jokes comedians sold

I love this thread. Unfortunately, I’m beta testing this new post editor in WordPress, which won’t let me just embed the tweet, correctly. Click on the date in the timestamp to open the thread on Twitter.

Ubang: The Nigerian village where men and women speak different languages

This is a cool story about a village in Nigeria where men and women speak using two separate lexicons but are able to understand each other. It’s also a story about cultural colonialism with English slowly replacing the various languages native to Nigeria.

Kenny Omega Has Carved His Own Path in Wrestling, But Where Does It Lead?

This Sports Illustrated profile of Kenny Omega is the best piece of writing that I have read since Grantland’s pieces on pro wrestling. Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world, and he’s at a crossroads in his career where he could continue to do what he’s done and be the best wrestler you’ve never heard of or move to the WWE where WWE’s marketing machine could send Omega into the stratosphere. What the article does a great job of showing is Omega’s thoughtfulness about his craft, which is something that wouldn’t have been possible in an earlier era when we were still supposed to pretend that wrestling wasn’t real.

Earnest’s Pick of Claire’s Picks of the Week (EPCPW)

During the week, Claire will share things she comes across with me or with the world on Twitter. I’ve decided to take one of those things she never intended to see in my blog post and showcase it here anyway. This week, it’s the channel, Snitchery.

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