Some Things I Liked This Week 9/30/18

Between moving into a new apartment (goodbye, Daly City, and hello, Pacifica) and preparing for a trip to New York, it’s been a pretty slow week. I didn’t get to watch much, but I do have some things to share.


Trending now on YouTube – Here’s a plug for something from me! I have a monthly series on Think With Google and on Adweek, and the most recent edition was released this week. This month highlights Virtual YouTubers, Classroom Setup videos, and relaxation videos.



I wanted to post this last week, but I was at a conference.  This is an annual video, and this year’s is the apotheosis.

“I’m Hustling” I Love It Parody

I don’t love it, but I do like this parody of “I Love It.” This will make sense to anyone who has ever spent any time on a New York subway and no sense to anyone else.

Returning a Pencil 15 Years Later

A guy borrowed a mechanical pencil from a friend in elementary school and held on to it for 15 years, intending to return it but losing touch with the friend. Cool concept with fun restoration sketch in the middle. The friend’s reaction keeps this from being the heartmelting video it might have been, but that doesn’t really detract from anything.

So, I spent a day searching for videos of people dancing on e-skates. I was convinced that there had to be one cool video of people doing e-skate choreo. This video convinced me otherwise. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COOL E-SKATE CHOREOGRAPHY AND THERE NEVER WILL BE.

The Mind of Jake Paul

If you don’t know who Shane Dawson is or what he’s been doing on YouTube this year, buckle up. Shane has been doing these multipart, 45-minute-episode docuseries on YouTubers, and this will be his coup de grace for the year. It’s an eight-part… THAT RIGHT EIGHT-PART… series on Jake Paul. Shane basically did a whole season on Jake Paul.

Railroad Crossing In Japan

A weird thing I’ve learned is that Railroad Crossings in Japan are relaxing for some people. Is it relaxing for you? Let me know.

I Turned My Mom’s House Into A Frat

Watch it if only to see Elle’s stern mom do a keg stand. Also, you should subscribe to Elle of the Mills. In the same way that it felt like Casey Neistat breathed new life into the aesthetics of vlogging five years ago, it feels like Elle is doing that now.


Brockhampton – Iridescence

I mentioned Brockhampton in my last blog post. If you’re looking for an album that makes hip hop sound as fresh and vital as it did when Public Enemy was king, may I introduce you to Brockhampton? They’re a rap group that formed through Internet message board, and they refer to themselves as an Internet boy band. Musically, they’re anything but a boy band. This album feels emo, angry, fun, and optimistic – all the things it means to be young, and it sounds like no other album out right now.

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