Things I Liked This Week 8/26/18

Hey you all, another week is here, and with it comes another collection of my favorite things from the past week. I’m on an airplane this time, flying back home to Daly City, so for once, I don’t feel the need to hurriedly bang something out for the sake of cramming it into the free time I have available. If there’s anything you liked this week, leave it in the comments!

On to the faves!


Africa by toto Acapella

My hero.

Right Now with John Goblikon

“But, Earnest,” you say, “I have no interest in a talk show hosted by the goblin hype man of a death metal band named Nekrogoblikon!” Nonsense, I’d reply. You simply haven’t tried a talk show hosted by the goblin hype man of a death metal band called Nekrogoblikon. Try it. You’ll like it.

Emilia Fart

YouTube has been recommending an Emilia Fart video to me for a couple months. It’s this one. I’ve been seeing this thumbnail in my suggest videos and recommended queue forever.

So this week, I finally decided to look into Emilia Fart and found one of my favorite new people on YouTube. Thanks, YouTube recommendation algorithms! Emilia is not new to YouTube. Her earliest existing upload, “Getting drunk to Kenny vs Spenny” was uploaded in October 2012, and she has uploaded over 250 videos since, none demonstrating any tolerance for being “normal.”

Look at these playlists. Just look at ’em. She’s a wonder.

I think what I like about Emilia is that there is something that feels like classic YouTube about her: She’s a bundle of creativity contained in a unique personality seeking some kind of connection with the broader world.

Here are a couple other recent Emilia videos I’ve enjoyed.

It’s as though through sheer force of will, she has made herself a character in the dramatization of her life that she wished existed. I think she’s the cool, hipster FX comedy of vlog channels.


Mahalia – I wish I Missed My Ex

Issa vibe. I think I’ve listened to this ten times since I heard it for the first time. There’s a Wale remix, but it’s skippable. I read that she wrote her first song at eight and got her first recording contract at 13. I also wrote my first song at eight, a parody of Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me called Somebody Cut The Cheese. There was no subsequent record deal.


EMPiRE is an anti-idol group from the same management company behind Bis and BiSH, who released this video that I loved a couple months ago. I don’t know a lot about J-Pop. Honestly, I just like whatever this aesthetic is.

DRAM – Best Hugs

If there’s anyone in the world who can take the tired “I just stole your girl” cliche and make it fresh, exuberant, and joyful, it’s DRAM. In Best Hugs, DRAM compliments a dude whose girl DRAM has taken an interest in and who, he feels, has taken an interest in him.  The video is perfect. It brings its own complementary irony to the song and is fun to watch. You just start to feel halfway through that if DRAM came up to you and told you your girl gave the best hugs and flashed his Cheshire smile that you’d just get bashful and say “Aww, DRAM! You didn’t have to say that!” Then later… “Wait, what do you mean she wants the D?”


Posting Instagram Sponsored Content Is the New Summer Job

This article by Taylor Lorenz is fascinating. Teens are making deals with brands to create sponsored Instagram posts for as little as ten bucks a pop, and it’s become their part-time employment. We’re going to reach a point where every American is going to be a natural broadcaster and marketer from sharing and monetizing their lives online.

The Logan Paul vs KSI fight was the weirdest event in internet history

This headline is a bit hyperbolic, but the article by Chris Stokel-Walker puts this weekend boxing match between two of the most-subscribed YouTubers in the world in a context that analyzes what the fight indicates about the star power of YouTubers and the growth of YouTube.

Professional cornhole has turned a tailgating game into a hit TV sport – and it’s expanding globally

Professional Cornhole. IT’S A THING!


Being George Clooney

Did you know that in foreign markets, our celebrities have official voice dubbing actors known as Designated Voices, and that they are often celebrities in their own countries? This documentary, which is available Netflix, is a look at this industry that is invisible to us but means big bucks for overseas box office. The thing I enjoyed most while watching the documentary was listening to each of the actors to see whether I could discern that essence of Clooney — the slight gravel, the easy charm — in their voices.

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  1. Your pal
    August 26, 2018

    I love Being George Clooney and LOVE THAT YOU HAVE SEEN IT TOO!!!

    • Earnest
      August 26, 2018

      I saw it on a plane, which is where I’m seeing most movies these days. It’s so much fun, and it made me wonder about the essence of acting and celebrity. Like if George Clooney’s interpretation of his character isn’t what people are seeing, then why is it important to have George Clooney in a movie for these international audiences. Is it just the face or just the idea that he’s famous in America?

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