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Last week, I watched a video from This Exists, in which Sam Sutherland announced that he was starting a series called Stoked, in which he was going to highlight one thing that he was “stoked” on each week. He was inspired by someone whose name I’ve forgotten and am too lazy to look up, and he has inspired me. Each week, I’m going to try to share the things I’ve enjoyed in a blog post. If there’s anything you liked from the week that you’d like to share, do me a favor and leave it in the comments below (Below! Not on Facebook! I’ll never see them there).

Still Feel by Half Alive

The singer looks like Tom Middleditch, right?

This music video has some serious OK GO vibes, and I think I realized something while watching it. There’s something about amateurs dancing professional choreography that brings the choreography into the foreground. It’s as if through the imperfections, you focus more on what the choreographer was trying to do.

Mooo! by Doja Cat

I don’t know where or why Doja Cat released this song and video, but I’m glad she did. It’s an unexpected bit of wonderful in which Doja raps that she’s a cow (not a cat). There’s a part where she transforms Ludacris’ “Move, bitch, get out the way” into “Moooove, bitch, get out my hay” that just made my entire week.

This video did lead me to wonder something. For my generation, we have an aesthetic that we can look back on and laugh. We were at the leading edge of the digital revolution, so the ugly aesthetic of early computer graphics that signify 80’s and 90’s film and tv are something we look back and laugh at (see: Kung Fury)

For young people, I wonder what aesthetic they’ll look back on and find nostalgic laughter in? Watching this video led me to think that it’s going to have to be early YouTube with its low resolution, low color saturation, and clunky editing (this video isn’t that aesthetic. It just got me thinking about the aesthetics of video).

How Three Conspiracy Theorists Sparked QANON

This article from Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins at NBC News was a well-researched read on the real history of QAnon. I’m not sure how I feel about people providing more exposure to QAnon. I worry that giving it more exposure just increases its accessibility to idiots who might otherwise have never heard of it. If people are going to give it exposure, though, I’d prefer that it’s in this form. This article show how three people most likely came together to dupe a bunch of gullible people, creating QAnon with the intent of making money off of a bunch of easily deceived conspiracy enthusiasts.

Sugar Song and Bitter Step Covers by Virtual YouTubers using Mari’s acapella track

Yes, this is a very specific thing, and, no, I don’t want to fully explain what’s going on in this. I just have come to love this thing, mainly because of the acapella track. I also have come to love the video of the song they’re covering. It’s the bassist. The way he’s running around the stage, I have to imagine at some point the band tried to have a talk with him about his antics, but he just wouldn’t stop moving long enough for them to fire him.

TV: Cloak and Dagger

Guys, I know you’re invested in all the dark and gritty Netflix Marvel series, but it’s really the lesser known Marvel series that are where the fun is. Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu is basically a teen drama, and Cloak & Dagger on Freeform may be my favorite Marvel series to date. The adaptation preserves very little from the original comic, which is a great thing. By shedding its skin, the team was able to make the TV show feel more relevant than any other Marvel series I can think of. It’s also a good antidote to the universal stakes of the MCU. In this series the stakes for our protagonists are more personal, and the show takes its time to build to the battles it does have. I just finished the first season, and it was well worth my ten episode investment. It’s avialable on Hulu.

Movie: 44 Pages

If you never loved Highlights, you can stop reading now. I loved Highlights as a kid, and this documentary that goes behind the scenes of the creation of the 70th anniversary issue reveals a company that is everything you ever hoped Highlights would be. This is a quiet documentary, filled with kind people who just want to do good things for kids, and if this doesn’t make you feel good about the world, nothing will. I recommend watching it after a particularly rough day on Twitter. It’ll be a good salve. It’s available on Netflix.

Self Portrait

I’ve been playing around with some open source painting software called Krita. This is a self-portrait I made with it. It’s not great, but it’s something I like. 

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      I feel like I need to start watching Bojack, and I’m now excited to see Lisa Hanawalt’s show!

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