For @Clairewaves and anyone else in need of a video pick-me-up

Who could’ve known that the long tail of the internet would become so heavy and hard to carry? Well, here we are in 2019, and everything that seemed fun about the internet, particularly the world of video, has been clouded by every imaginable controversy and controversies that were, frankly, utterly unimaginable. For anyone out there – but especially my pal, Claire – who could use a quick reminder of the fun of video, here are some things I’ve been enjoying (watching all of the videos would not actually be quick. I think it would take a couple hours, so don’t do that).

I’m really into Julia Finklestein, whose impressions are amazing. I love this 73 Questions parody she did. Check out her Billie Eilish, too.

The Fairbairn Films just have this manic, Aussie energy that I just love.

The Cherdleys channel has this character, Chravis, whose videos have evolved into these really surreal extended comedic shorts. They feel different from anything else on the channel, and I’ve watched this video five or six times now.

A fifty-five minute Line Rider film? Line Rider?! Yes. It will mesmerize you.

What’s better than E-Sports? How about a MARBLE RUN OLYMPICS? The sound design alone should win a whatever-award-actually-means-something for video.

This ASMR Bank Robbery is a rare perfect video.

This channel Pushing Up Roses is reviewing episodes of Murder, She Wrote!!!

Jan’s Germs is just stuff under a microscope. Who could ask for anything more?

There is nothing more wholesome than Tim showing off novelty items.

This guy makes 80’s covers of pop songs, and they’re just… good. It feels like he’s the missing member of Wham!

And this stuff is still out there, too!

Let’s close it out with a pure, feel-good video. You know I’ve been infatuated with Send This With No Context videos for over a year now. This one is for the moms in the house.