I don't blame them for what happened with healthcare today.

I don’t blame Republicans for today’s atrocious vote. I blame the people who knew what the Republican agenda was and still had the wherewithal to muster enough reservations about Hillary Clinton to go out and vote for Trump, Stein, or that dude whose name everyone has already forgotten. The only people I blame more than them are the people who knew what the Republican agenda was and didn’t bother to vote.

We watched all winter and into the Spring as we heard about Republicans unable to “get to yes” on the AHCA, and guess what? They did. They did because they really, really wanted to. On the other hand, we watched all summer and fall as “progressives” struggled to “get to yes” on Hillary Clinton, and many didn’t. Because they really, really didn’t want to.

To put it as bluntly as I can, no matter how “untrustworthy” you may have found Hillary Clinton, it is nowhere near the level of untrustworthiness required to cravenly yank people’s access to healthcare out of their hands, especially when you know that the people affected most understand least what’s happening. No matter how unlikable you found Madame Secretary, it is nowhere near the unlikability of a group of people who will lie to your face, act surprised when you call them on it, and repeat the lie moments later.

So if you “voted your conscience” and did not vote for Hillary, today’s developments are on you, and I hope your conscience can handle that.