My Favorite BlackPink Ddu-Du Ddu-Du covers

I’m not the biggest fan of BLACKPINK’S Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, but I’ve found myself a bit immersed in Blackpink covers over the past couple weeks. Some of these covers have introduced me to interesting YouTube channels, and I thought someone else out there might enjoy watching these videos and/or subscribing to some of these channels. So, in no particular order, here are my favorite Ddu-Du videos.

The ASMR cover

This may be my favorite ASMR video since Dr. Groot’s Infinity War Post-Traumatic Stress Relief. I was hooked on this one from the whistle at the very beginning. Not only does PierreG create a lot of these ASMR cover songs, he appears to dabble in a lot of unorthodox ASMR experiments. ASMR for hipsters is here.


Zero Budget Version

From literal music videos to music videos without music videos, people transforming music videos as commentary on the source material is a time-honored tradition on YouTube. I like this take of doing split-screen zero budget music videos, and I wouldn’t have known about this channel, Lankybox, were it not for this video.

Finger Dancing

I don’t know – I think I’ll never not enjoy these kinds of finger videos. Thinking about people making clothes for their fingers amuses me just as much as the videos. This channel also focuses on KPop. I think this channel, 석지윤, focuses solely on KPop covers.

Pancake Art

This doesn’t really count as a “cover,” but I just found myself really interested in this channel, Pank, that is devoted to pancake art.

The 8Bit Cover

Honestly, I’ve been over 8-bit covers of songs most of this decade, but within the category of BlackPink covers, I can make an exception for this video, and it’s for the dumbest reason. I just got engrossed in the “video game.”

Lightstick Cover

Yes, Sharlee Music appears to be biting Big Marvel’s shtick, but I award extra points for using the Blackpink merch to cover the song. Sharlee also has a violin cover of the song.