My Personal Theme Songs

I told some people at work this week about my personal theme songs. They’re the songs that kick in in my head whenever I’m in need of a booster shot of inspiration. I’m not shy about sharing my personal theme songs. Are they lame? Oh, you bet they are, but you know what? They work for me. I think everyone should have go-to jams that help them through their daily grind.

Break My Stride

It’s no wonder Puff Daddy used the chorus to Break My Stride for one of his earliest hits. It is the perfect anti-hater anthem and a tribute to self-reliance. There are a lot of songs about keeping on keeping on, but it’s that this one isn’t just about moving forward but is also about side-stepping the efforts of your opponents that makes me love it. I wish I knew enough about music to explain how the notes under “Slow me down” in the chorus represent that evasion, but I’m no Chili Gonzalez. The chorus is all you need from this song.

When I use it: I use this song when I need to keep performing at a high level.

You’re the Best Around

John G. Avildsen (R.I.P.) gave us not one but two great underdog movies: Rocky and the Karate Kid. Both of these movies have great anthems in their soundtracks. Gonna Fly Now from Rocky is universally recognized as great motivation music, but it’s Karate Kid’s You’re the Best around that is what I rely on when I need that extra oomph. Like Break My Stride, this song is all about the chorus, and I absolutely believe I’m the best *cymbal crash* around.

When I use it: I use this song when I’m in the middle of something and need to take things up to the next level.

Degrassi Theme Songs

Degrassi: The Next Generation

I’ve always realized that I have some pretty lame tendencies. I was the kid in school who looked forward to Operation Aware and D.A.R.E. So it may be unsurprising how much I love the Degrassi theme song. I unabashedly love it. Lyrically, it’s about reaching your potential, and musically, it echoes that reach to be your best self.

Degrassi: Next Class

Because I love the Degrassi: TNG intro so much, I never expected the Next Class’s EDM-infused remake to have fill the same space in my heart as the original, but after binging two seasons, I began to notice that I was loving this version of the theme song. This version lacks that hymn-like chords of the original, but it has a crescendo into the bridge that repeats the “Be the best” bit that just makes it work.

When I use it: I use this song when at the beginning of whatever I’m doing.


Last but not least is Kanye’s Power. I don’t think there’s much I need to say about it. No One Man Should Have All That Power may be a cautionary message, but who doesn’t want to imagine they’re the one man who has all that power? As much as everyone wants to be the superhero, I think there’s a small piece in each of us that would indulge the ability to be the supervillain (or maybe that’s just me), and this song speaks to that. It’s the song that taps into your dark side.

When I use it: Anytime.

Do you have any personal theme songs? Let me know in the comments (I may not see them on Facebook). I have another kind of theme song as well. I have songs that speak to where I am at certain points in my life. I may do a post of the most recent string of those songs next time.