Somewhere along the way, Facebook banned me from making apps, indefinitely

Sometime in 2013, Facebook restricted me from creating apps, indefinitely. As you can see from the image below, this took place in 2013, the same year Cambridge Analytica was being spun up.

I want to apologize to America. The app I created on Facebook for a website called I was running with a friend clearly distracted Facebook from the bigger issue of rampant abuse of the information they allowed app creators to collect and use in whatever way they wanted with little real oversight from Facebook.

I’m not an app developer, so this has zero impact on me. It’s just funny to me that an app that I don’t even remember creating and that couldn’t have been seen by more than a dozen people could get me indefinitely banned from the developer platform while, well, you know. Oh well, back to my real goal for today of downloading my personal data from Facebook while determining whether I even want to keep my account active.